YouTube banned again!!

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youtubebanned.jpgSome countries are really strict about upholding their culture and revered persons. Turkey is one of them, and the country just banned YouTube because of its videos that allegedly insult Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Founder and First President of the Republic of Turkey. Under Turkish law, it is illegal to insult the honorable Ataturk, despite him being dead for 70 years already! Talk about being overzealous, LOL! Anyway, this is the second time that YouTube got banned in Turkey. The first time was last March 2007 for the same reasons. Thankfully, the ban was lifted two days later when the offending videos were removed. This time, the disrespectful video was apparently about comparing Ataturk with a monkey. Those trying to access YouTube in Turkey will see a notice saying: “Access to this website has been suspended in accordance with decision no: 2008/55 of T R Ankara 12th Criminal Court of Peace.” Other countries that banned YouTube include Thailand and Morocco.

Author: Melissa

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