Vodafone ad banned due to fast disclaimer

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UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a radio commercial of Vodafone for being too fast with the terms and conditions of a promotional offer being advertised. ASA said Vodafone must not air the commercial as the disclaimer made at the end of the ad was delivered too quickly to understand. The radio ad for Vodafone featured a man speaking in the style of a weather forecaster and he says in the ad,

“Now the weather. It’s going to be another glorious sunny summer’s day today. Beautiful sunshine in every part of the British Isles and this sunny spell’s expected to last, well, for ever. With Vodafone’s Endless Summer you can now get unlimited texts, calls, e-mail and mobile internet with our scorching new price plans, so you’ll never be burnt by your bill again. Visit us in store. Vodafone – make the most of now.”

At the end of the ad, a woman’s voice at a faster speed than the rest of the preceding ad says,

“Subject to status, availability and connection to 18-month contract. Unlimited calls to landline or Vodafone mobiles only. Fair-use policy, terms and 60-minute call cap applies.”

This is the part that got complaints. One listener complained to ASA and challenged whether the disclaimer was clear because it was spoken quickly at the end of the ad and was difficult to hear.

Author: Melissa

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