teens banned from Apple stores!

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The reason? Apple store employees caught them downloading a third-party application onto a demo iPhone! Really unthinkable so they got immediate banishment from Apple stores “for life” o_O Read on below for the story (thanks to wired.com) —

Two Palo Alto High School students — Daniel Fukuba and Eric Vicenti — met up with two recent Paly grads, Noah Rogers and Anjay Patel, at the Apple Store in downtown Palo Alto. While the teens waited for Patel to show up at the store, they downloaded the third-party car-racing game “Raging Thunder” onto the store’s iPhone. The store manager asked them if they needed help, to which they responded that they were doing fine.

After Patel showed up, the group hung out for “less than five minutes” before they left. But they didn’t get far — they were chased down the block by the manager who told them to “Stop right there.” The Apple store manager called the cops, Daniel’s and Eric’s parents, and the four teens were detained for 2.5 hours. “After being lectured by the manager on the dangers of ‘hacking’ into the phones, the teens were photographed and told their pictures were being sent to all Apple stores so they’d be on the lookout for us,” Rogers told the Palo Alto Daily News.

An Apple spokesperson, however, denied banning the teens. “They were not banned from the Apple store,” said spokesman Steve Dowling. So why were the guys under the impression they were banned? “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask them,” he said. So who’s telling the truth now?? But it sure sucks to be banned from Apple stores for life! *shudder*

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