suspected terrorist banned from taking chemistry classes

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Last year, an Iraqi national known as AE appealed against Home Secretary Jacqui Smith’s decision in refusing to permit him to undertake the AS-level courses (chemistry and human biology) in the 2008-9 academic year at a regional college. AE said his purpose for studying the courses was to continue his medical studies. Mr Justice Silber, sitting at London’s High Court, ruled that the Iraqi national had taken part in terrorist activities and knowledge from his preferred courses could be used to make explosives. Thus, AE will be banned from taking chem and bio classes.

Mr Justice Silber said: “The use by a terrorist of the practical experience learnt on those courses to produce explosives or pathogens could lead to a substantial loss of lives. It requires relatively small amounts of either to cause loss of life and damage to property. It will be recollected that the bombs which caused so much loss of life on 7 July 2005 were created by individuals in their own homes. There is no suggestion that AE was involved with those events but they show how much damage can be caused by such bombs by people who have the expertise and confidence to produce dangerous items.”

Author: Melissa

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