STRANGLEHOLD ad banned by ASA!

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First, ASA is the Advertising Standards Authority in the Great Britain. Second, Strangehold is that uber fantastic John Woo shooter game! If you haven’t heard of it, man, get a life! LOL! I would have posted the banned TV ad here, but lo! It disappeared in YouTube! The ad wasn’t in other video-sharing sites too. Guess it was TOTALLY BANNED! Hehe! If you happen to stumble on it, give us a heads up okay?? =) For now, be contented with this one sort of violent screen cap, hehe! The ad was previously cleared for broadcast past 7:30pm in UK but it was banned after 2 viewers complained. Read on below!

The Stranglehold TV ad showed a prolonged shoot-out between four men. Voice-over stated “Honour is his code. Vengeance is his mission. Violence is his only option. John Woo presents Stranglehold. The next generation of action gaming has arrived”. On-screen text during the shoot-out stated “Not actual game footage.” More on-screen text at the end of the ad stated “JOHN WOO PRESENTS STRANGLEHOLD” alongside the logo for an “18″ rating.
1. One viewer believed the ad glorified violence and gun crime and that it was a dangerous incitement to susceptible people.
2. The second viewer, whose three-year-old son had seen the ad, challenged whether it was acceptable for transmission before 9 pm, when young children were likely to see it.

Author: Melissa

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  1. Ah! mate thanks for the link I was searching for this

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