Spains bans models, sports from military computers

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And guess who banned surfing topless models and sports news in the military? A female official, of course! A pregnant one at that, and it’s none other than Defence Minister Carme Chacón. The banning of websites featuring football or naked women in military computers was her first act in the office which received criticism. This week army, navy and air force personnel were blocked from accessing the websites of three publications: Interviú, which is famous for its covers featuring topless models, as well as Marca and As, the popular sports newspapers.

The Defence Ministry said that the ban on websites of a sexual or sporting nature was introduced to conserve internet bandwidth for military business. At some times of day, it said, the internet was becoming almost impossible to use because of the volume of traffic to “entertainment” websites. Military personnel suspected a feminist plot to deprive them of their traditional entertainment and many Spanish men viewed the measure as an outright attack. HELLO??

Others applauded the move, observing that the defenders of the nation should not be surfing the internet for topless models or football scores during their working hours. Now that’s the logical reason! I’m so sorry boys, but this time, a pregnant lady has gotten the better of you. Hehe!

Author: Melissa

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