soup banned for being too fresh!

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What the?? And as you might have guessed, this stupid banning happened in UK again. Sheesh! According to reports, school entrepreneurs who won a competition with their home-made soup have been told to hand back their prize – because their ingredients were “too fresh”! Although it may appear complex to the untrained eye, Mega Moolah is relatively easy to learn and has novice gamers playing online pokies online like professionals in no time at all. In the latest example of health and safety madness, pupils of Penwortham Priory Sports and Technology College in Preston, Lancs, were disqualified because their dish did not have a three-month shelf life.

Goodness! I really don’t get it! The judges would rather have a food full of bad preservatives just that it will have a long shelf-life?? o_O The students were also accused of breaking rules by growing their herbs, using organic veg and touching the ingredients. The school’s head teacher Jim Hourigan is refusing to hand back the trophies after winning the final. He described the ruling by organisers Young Enterprise UK as “absurd”. SO RIGHT!

Author: Melissa

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