Nigerian IPs banned by many websites

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scam-nigeriaMany online business and email providers have resorted to completely blocking ip addresses from Nigeria. Nigerians try what is called a 419 Scam (Redubbed a Nigerian Scam) in which they offer you a large amount of money, but in order to get the funds you have to provide a small down payment up front. Many variations of this scam exist and I’m sure that at some point or the other you have gotten an email from someone you don’t know offering you a share in an inheritance of you could send them part of the legal fees in order for the inheritance to be probated. Other variations involves someone who has a item up for sale on a auction site such as ebay or craigslist. They offer to to pay way more than what you were selling it for and claim that this is because they have to pay customs fees etc. They then send you a fake money order and request that you send the item and the cash difference. By the time the bank informs you that the money order is fake, its too late and you are severly out of pocket less the item you were selling.

Now, my philosophy is that if something is too good to be true then it probably is. If someone is offering you a large some of money remember the old adage that ‘you cant get something for nothing’ and block that e-mail. Many sites in order to protect you and themselves have just given up all hope on the nation and banned them completely. I guess in this case the good has to suffer for the bad.

Below is a sample email that one email user received.


Author: Deshoda

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