magic mushrooms banned in Netherlands

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That’s the super bad news.. The good news is, the ban on magic mushrooms will take on December 1! You have at least 3 weeks to stock up on it so go!! ;-) Netherlands’ famous hallucinogenic mushrooms (imported mainly from Hawaii, Mexico and Ecuador) have been popular among mainly German, French and British tourists. The decision to ban FRESH magic/psilocybin mushrooms was taken after a 17-year-old French girl jumped to her death from one of Amsterdam’s canal bridges in March after taking them. The dried variety, which provides even stronger hallucinations, is already illegal.

Paul Van den Berg, who works in one of the shops that sells the magic mushrooms, described that ban as “a disgrace”. He said: “It’s all the fault of tourists, especially the Brits. They misuse alcohol at home and come over here to do the same with hash and the so called ‘magic mushrooms’.” A city councillor meanwhile said: “Despite Amsterdam having the world’s most important collection of Rembrandts and Van Gogh and being home to the famous Concertgeboug Orchestra, the City is still perceived as a place where you go to buy drugs.” Meaning, he supports the psilocybin ban.

Author: Melissa

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