London’s Tube bans nude Venus poster!

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venusposter.jpgYup, even at this day and age, nude classical works are still being banned *shakes head* Feels like we’re in the Dark Age or something! Anyhoo, for some reason, the authority who handles the London’s Tube ads banned a 16th century painting of Venus featuring the Roman goddess of love wearing little but a smile has been deemed too risque for the eyes of Tube travelers. The banned poster of the 1532 work by German artist Lucas Cranach the Elder was to promote an upcoming Royal Academy exhibition. Of course, the Academy was incensed. But Transport for London, which operates the Tube network, is unmoved.

A spokesman said, “Millions of people travel on the London Underground each day and they have no choice but to view whatever adverts are posted there. We have to take account of the full range of travelers and endeavor not to cause offense in the advertising we display.” Advertising standards states that posters can not “Depict men, women or children in a sexual manner, or display nude or semi-nude figures in an overtly sexual context.” Just look at the poster — is it depicting a sexual manner?? I don’t think so!

Author: Melissa

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