Keep That Bear On A Leash In Woodstock

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Who in their right minds would want to own a pet bear? Especially in New York State’s legendary Woodstock region? Well obviously some folks do and it is against the law to walk your bear around town without a leash.


One might think why someone would want a 200 lb carnivore around the house fetching sticks and playing with the kids. Any zoologist can tell you that bears cannot be totally domesticated, even the smaller black bears in the NY, NJ region. The creatures are generally afraid of people but at any moment can go berserk and kill. Mind you these animals can take down a deer and the bigger brown bears can decapitate a full grown moose! How’d you like to see Bullwinkle on your front lawn without a head?

Well that’s why they don’t let these animals walk around town in Woodstock without a leash. Also maybe because like dogs they’ll cozy up to fire hydrants and trees making a smelly mess of the town.

What’s next, make the bear owners put those pet huggy vests on these bears?

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