Jeff Archuleta finally banned in American Idol!

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Jeff who?? None other than the stage father of the uber-cute American Idol contestant David Archuleta! And if you believe TMZ, he has been officially banned from the reality singing show. “Idol” sources revealed that Jeff has been interfering with the entire production. He has badgered producers, the band, vocal coaches and even other contestants.

The final straw came this week, when Jeff wanted to change the lyrics to David’s first song, “Stand By Me.” The stage father insisted on adding a verse from Sean Kingston’s hit, “Beautiful Girls.” Producers sent him an e-mail telling him the lyrics could not be changed. But he got his way and David Archuleta performed with Kingston’s lyrics during the live show. Changing the lyrics created problems with the song’s publisher and cost American Idol a lot of money.

Jeff was then ordered to sit with the show’s lawyers last Wednesday, who told him he was “banned from being in the rooms where David Archuleta was learning or rehearsing his songs.” It’s American Idol’s position, since David is 17, he does not need a guardian — just a teacher. Jeff will be allowed to sit in the audience during the live show but he’s banned from anything backstage.

Author: Melissa

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