Iran bans celebrity magazines!

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Thank god I don’t live there! Honestly, I can’t live without my daily dose of celebrity gossip from glossy mags. Hehe! According to AFP, Iran has banned nine (!!!) lifestyle and cinema magazines for “publishing photographs of corrupt foreign artists and details about their decadent lives.” The latest issue of Donya-ye Tasvir carried articles about several Hollywood female stars including Naomi Watts, Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, all accompanied by pictures. Guess they are the corrupt foreign artists mentioned! Poor gurls!

Iran’s celebrity mags regularly print articles and pictures of foreign film stars, as well as of Iranian actresses in the kinds of loose headscarves and tight-fitting clothes that are frowned upon by the Islamic authorities. If you’re an avid fan of Iran celebrity mags, here are the significant banned ones: Donya-ye Tasvir (World of the Image), Sobh-e Zendegi (Morning of Life), Talash (Effort) and Haft (Seven). Go grab your soon-to-be out in circulation copy now! Hehe!

Author: Melissa

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