Hitler’s Banned Book

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Hitler’s Banned Book

Although seen in thousands of libraries across the United States, “Mein Kampf,” the infamous book by Adolf Hitler is banned in Germany. Why? We’ll examine that, but first, let’s talk about the content of the book.

“Mein Kampf” tells about Hitler’s childhood and what he perceived as the “betrayal” of Germany in World I. He talks about his desire for revenge against France. Most notably, though, Hitler talks about his racist agenda and why his “Aryan” race is superior to other races. This book later became fuel for the anti-Semitic fire that allowed him to perpetrate the Holocaust.

Make no mistake: “Mein Kampf” is the ranting of an evil maniac. But it is invaluable reading to completely understand why the Holocaust happened–and also to see just how evil Hitler was. Why, then, has Germany banned it?

Clearly it’s banned because of the guilt that Germany feels for the Holocaust. They also don’t want to deal with the “Neo Nazi” movement that is arising in their borders. (The ban went into effect when Germany banned any kind of pro-Nazi propaganda–of which, “Mein Kampf” seemed chief.)

Still, they should understand that study of this book is invaluable. We study history so that we don’t repeat the darker parts of history. Forbidding people from reading this book feeds right into the Neo-Nazis’ agenda of pretending the Holocaust never happened. Here’s a better alternative: Create a study guide for “Mein Kampf” that appears throughout the main text of the book itself. Encourage any publisher that publishes the book to make use of this study guide. This will ensure that, not only the maniac’s bigoted views get out, but also a reasoned response to his claims.

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