French magazine banned in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco

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The reason for the ban? For painting Islam in a bad light. The French magazine in question is L’Express International, and its cover story this week is titled “The Jesus-Muhammad Shock.” And that (plus its contents) offended the Muslim officials of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. L’Express said on its website that the series of articles comparing Christianity and Islam was inspired by a meeting this week in Rome between Christian and Muslim scholars, which aims to “help the dialogue between Islam and Christianity.” The magazine said it did not understand the ban on its international edition in North African countries, particularly because of the pains it took to adhere to Islamic norms.


Algerian officials said some of the L’Express articles comparing Christianity to Islam were considered “pro-Bible.” They also pointed out that pictures inside the magazine did represent Muhammad’s face — which is not allowed in Islam. A Tunisian government official, meanwhile, said that the magazine contents could be considered to be “offensive to Islam and faith or convictions of Mulsims.” Morocco’s Information Minister Khalid Naciri said only this week’s issue of L’Express International was banned but told The Associated Press he would not hesitate to do so “every time the media offends religion.”

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