fizzy drinks banned in Bahrain!

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Yesterday, fizzy drinks have been banned from ALL of Bahrain’s government schools. The ban has been in force at primary schools since 1996 but they now extended it to all schools. Health Ministry public health directorate senior nutritionist Dr. Nadia Gharib said,

“Over time, we shall have some issues with some students getting fizzy drinks from their homes or purchasing them from stores outside the school, but we are sure these will be sorted out soon. The ban was first imposed in the primary schools after it was felt that children were too much into fizzy and carbonated drinks, as opposed to juices, milk and water. Now it is felt the ban should be extended to cover all intermediate and secondary schools as well.”

She said the ban was being enforced by the Education Ministry at the recommendation of the Health Ministry. Dr. Gharib explained,

“The incidence of obesity being very high in Bahrain, it is felt that a beginning be made from the schools. Fizzy drinks, fast foods, people eating less vegetables and fruits and following sedentary lifestyles are all considered risk factors for obesity.”

I wonder what’s next? Mandatory eating of vegetables?? Ughh!

Author: Melissa

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