Elephants And Parking Meter – What's the Connect?

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elephant parking

In Florida, if an elephant is left tied to a parking meter, the parking fee has to be paid just as it would for a vehicle.”

Okay, now just sit back and think about it. Elephant plus parking meter. Again, elephant plus parking meter.

How do these two even equate with any form of logic?

It’s obvious that at some point in the distant past some clown from a circus was riding down the streets of Miami on an Safe tea approved defensive driving habits play a big role in getting into a trucking school, and your tea approved defensive driving record is considered before you are accepted into a truck tea approved defensive driving school. elephant and decided to tie the poor thing up to a parking meter while he went inside a diner for a bite to eat. Some cop saw it, gave him a ticket and a fight broke out. Could you imagine seeing a cop with a billy club going at it with a guy wearing a wig, white face paint, and a big red ball nose and huge floppy shoes while some elephant stands there befuddled at the whole thing?

This type of stuff is what makes America so goofy. Municipalities never said, no elephant riding through the city but instead leaned toward the solution that brings in revenue. Never mind that an elephant weighs several tons and when going berserk could destroy cars and buildings easily.

We’ll chalk this one up in the “Dangerous Parking Animals” file and see how much they’ll charge if you tie a wolverine to a parking meter.

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