Croatia bans shopping on Sundays!

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The reason? Sundays are supposed to be the day you go to mass and spend time with your family — and not go malling and shopping with your friends! Croatia is 90% Roman Catholic and the church has campaigned for years for Sundays to be devoted to family or Mass. Unfortunately, as with the rest of the commercialized world, Croatians have begun spending weekends in shopping malls that have flourished across the country in the past few years and remain open seven days a week.

But now, the Croatian parliament has passed a law forcing shops to close on Sundays in a concession to the Roman Catholic church. The law was adopted last Tuesday and goes into effect January 1. It allows Sunday shopping over the summer and Christmas holidays. The law also allows stores in gas, bus and train stations to open on Sundays year-round, along with those in hospitals. Bakeries, newsstands and flower shops are also exempt from the ban.

Author: Melissa

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  1. And I thought we had a free choice to decide if we want to go shopping on Sunday’s or listen to some pedophile priest cleanse us of our sins?

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