Creationist Books the Victims of Book-Burning

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Grand Canyon: A Different View

Lest you think otherwise, it’s not just right-wing fanatics trying to ban books from our libraries and schools. On the liberal side, there has been a real fight in recent years to ban books that promote the idea of Biblical creation. There have been too many instances to mention them all, so let’s use just one prominent one to illustrate this fact.

Grand Canyon: A Different View” is a 2003 book that offers an alternative view of how the Grand Canyon was formed. Since its publication, it has been the object of a book- banning effort by prominent evolutionists, who have demanded that the Grand Canyon National Park Service remove the text from bookstores within the park.

In the book, author Tom Vail collected essays from 23 contributors (most of whom hold earned doctorates in science). His book presents a creation science viewpoint of the Canyon’s formation that is quite different than what most Canyon visitors are told.

Creation scientists present evidence that the Grand Canyon was formed not by the slow erosion of the Colorado River over millions of years, but by a lot of water over a short period of time.

The controversial “Grand Canyon: A Different View” has been on sale at the Canyon’s bookstores since autumn of 2003. It quickly raised the ire of the presidents of seven science organizations, who jointly signed a December 16 2003 letter to the park’s superintendent urging him to remove the book.

But sales of the book argued differently: Since its original publication, the book has sold out and is being reordered, the Los Angeles Times reported. To date, the book remains available at the store. But maybe not for long.

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