Comic Books Banned From the Library?

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We’ve heard about books that cause religious or political controversy being banned. But comic books? It’s happening more often these days. Perhaps the case that best symbolizes this practice happened about a year ago at the Marshall Public Library in Marshall, Missouri.

Fun Home

At the time, the library had about 75 “graphic novels” (a kind of sophisticated and larger comic book) in its collection. These graphic novels, like other novels, are placed in either the adult, teen or kids’ sections as their content warrants. “Fun Home” was one of the offending graphic novels pulled from the Marshall Library’s shelf. The book tells the story of growing up as a lesbian with a gay father. It was placed in the adult section.


The other book was “Blankets,” an autobiographical graphic novel about the author’s Christian childhood. This one, which portrayed Christianity negatively, was found in the young adult section.

A patron saw the books and filed a complaint. The library pulled the books, but has since formed a committee to evaluate which books are — and are not — appropriate to have on their shelves.

Of course, this is not the first time that comic books have come under fire. The problem in recent years, however, has been determining who a comic book is for. Traditionally, they have been seen as reading material for children. However, in the past decade, hundreds of comics for adult readers have hit the bookstores and libraries. Parents worry that their kids might consider them children’s fare. The answer, of course, is for parents to be more involved in the material they allow their children to read–not in censoring the books they don’t want their kids to read.

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