Beijing Olympics bans mini-skirts

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According to news reports, women have been BANNED from wearing mini-skirts at the Beijing Olympics. This is part of China’s strict dress code in the upcoming 2008 Games. Men will also be banned if they strip off their shirts, and anyone who will wave a large banner (more than 2 meters long). Outdoor music and eating outdoors in bars and restaurants near any Olympic venues are also banned. These items are just one of the few listed in a nine-page code of regulations called the House Spectator Rules drawn up by the Beijing Olympic Organising Committee.

Harsh huh?? But its get even “better” — even locals will be banned if they wear Go China T-shirts or waving banners reading I Love China in case they give the impression of a pro-China bias. Huang Keying, of the Beijing Organising Committee, said: “We have specially trained staff who will communicate with spectators. But refusal to comply with these rules will be subject to punishments or criminal prosecution.”

Author: Melissa

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  1. how the h… did they get to be hosts?

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