BANNED! “The Kite Runner” in Afghanistan

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kiterunner.jpg“The Kite Runner” is a movie based on a book of the same title. It tells the story of an Afghani man, now living in America, returnting to Afghanistan to find a child. In doing so, he hopes to find forgiveness for choices he made when he was young. However, the Afghanistan he returns to is now controled by the Taliban, and finding the child becomes a rescue mission. Serious huh?? It was banned in Afghanistan on the grounds that it could incite violence. There is a depiction of one boy’s rape and other scenes of conflict between members of Pashtun and Hazara tribes. “On the basis of the instruction of the Information and Culture Ministry, the Kite Runner film’s depiction and import has been banned,” said Latif Ahmadi, the head of state-run Afghan Film. “[It was banned] because some of its scenes are questionable and unacceptable for some people and would cause sensitiveness and would cause trouble for the government and people.” Boohoo! Oh well, the Afghans can just get a pirated copy right?? They just have to hide very well when they’re watching the movie! Or else risk being imprisoned! Yikes..

Author: Melissa

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  1. “The Kite Runner” is best story, i like & ferrite kite (sarungale) srilankan language best wish 4 da filme zoon

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