Banned Gymnastics Moves on Uneven Bars

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Not many people know this, but gymnastics is one of the most dangerous sports and certain high risk moves have been banned from the Olympics. These are just some of the moves that gymnasts are no longer allowed to use when competing in the uneven bars challenge.

Banned gymnastic moves

For some reason, movements involving balancing on your feet were banned completely, so someone probably had a reverse foot-fetish. Even so, statistics do show that the number of accidents that happen in this exercise has decreased over the years, so that would explain why the ratings also went down.

If you really want to see someone get hurt, you now have to switch to boxing and UFC, where the only rule is to make sure your opponent doesn’t get up. However, the biting of the ears is still strictly prohibited in all major sports, so there’s no chance of a Mike Tyson comeback.

If you enjoy gymnastics, you will have to settle with the current rules and hope that someone will eventually come up with a move that is worth banning! 


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