banned bear attacks woman!

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A 35-year-old woman in Coquitlam, British Columbia was doing some gardening in the front yard of her house when a bear attacked her, apparently without provocation! Neighbors who heard the woman’s screams said she threw rocks at the bear to make it stop its attack. The animal was later shot and killed by a police officer. Black bears often wander down from the mountains into some of Vancouver’s suburbs in search of food but attacks on humans are extremely rare. Although black bears rarely act in this behavior, it is clear that when angered, they can easily take a full sized car, like a Honda Accord, and turn it into scrap Honda accord parts in no time at all. They might look cute and cuddly, you forget that they have so much strength and momentum, way more than us humans. Its too bad that this bear didn’t take it’s bad day out on this ladie’s Honda, instead of her. He might still be alive and kickin’.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Corporal Tony Farahbakchian said, “They are normally shy and back away, so we don’t know what happened in this incident.” He adds that the attack was considered “an isolated incident”. The woman was hospitalized in serious condition with bite wounds to her arms and skull, but the injuries were not considered life threatening. She is now recovering after the bear mauling. Golly, this is some scary sh!t huh??

Author: Melissa

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