ASA bans William Hill’s online bingo ad!

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The reason? The ad was ‘socially irresponsible’ — what the?? Here’s what William Hill’s commercial shows: a woman waiting eagerly for her husband to leave the house in the morning so she can sneak off to play online bingo. She is so keen to get online that she turns forward the hands of the clock to make him leave the house sooner. LOL! Is that being socially irresponsible?? I think it’s funny! =)

Unfortunately, several complaints were made about the ad, stating that the character was obviously addicted to online gambling and was deceiving her partner about her bingo activities. Gambling adverts in UK must stick to strict guidelines in which the gambling activity must not appeal to children or be seen to improve one’s life or status.

William Hill countered that their ad was merely a humorous look at a common situation, where a housewife can’t wait for her husband to go to work, so she can get on with her day. However the ASA claimed that the ad promotes gambling in a socially irresponsible way that could lead to emotional or financial harm. The slogan, “I get mine the minute he’s left” implied a rather desperate urge to gamble.

Author: Melissa

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